An effective treatment for a wide range of skincare problems

The special formula of ARQUADE Eau d’Arquebusade allows for its use in curing all skin problems. ARQUADE is your best skincare remedy, keeping skin feeling and looking young and beautiful, thanks to its complex beneficial effects, obtained through a synergy of 75 flowers and medicinal plants. The extracts and essences of these flowers and plants exercise an effect that can be felt immediately and is quickly visible on skin.

Ancestral recipe, modern wisdom

The original recipe for Eau d'Arquebusade, which we owe to the monks of St-Antoine, in Vercors, France, has been revitalized today in ARQUADE, with a few new secrets that make it even more effective.

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Ce remède soulage efficacement et agit contre:

Acné, allergies cutanées, aphte, blastomycose, bouton de fievre, bouton peau, bulle dermatologique, cloque, croute peau, démangeaisons, dermatite, eczéma, epidermolyse bulleuse, eruption cutanée, erythème, folliculite, gale, herpès, impétigo, molluscum, peau rouge, peau seche, pellicules, piqure, point blanc, psoriasis, pustule, rougeole rougeur, rubéole, scarlatine, sumac vénéneux, syndrome main pied bouche, teigne, urticaire, varicelle, verrue, zona, et bien d'autres affections cutanées.