An effective treatment for a wide range of skincare problems

The special formula of ARQUADE Eau d’Arquebusade allows for its use in curing all skin problems. ARQUADE is your best skincare remedy, keeping skin feeling and looking young and beautiful, thanks to its complex beneficial effects, obtained through a synergy of 75 flowers and medicinal plants. The extracts and essences of these flowers and plants exercise an effect that can be felt immediately and is quickly visible on skin.


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For your face:

Sprayed on your face, ARQUADE medicinal herbs provide an immediate and long lasting feeling of freshness and well-being. The water nourishes and invigorates tired facial skin, exercising a soothing sensation and reducing wrinkles. ARQUADE can also be used to remove make-up. Applied daily, ARQUADE regenerates skin and enhances its natural immunity. It has an anti-bacterial effect and deep cleans acne from facial skin. ARQUADE is extremely effective after cosmetic treatments, due to its immediate soothing and calming effect. Men also often use it as an aftershave lotion, and it is generally used against acne pimples, fever blemishes and all types of skin inflammations. ARQUADE has a particularly beneficial effect on white and russet skin, making facial skin feel fresh, soft and smooth all day long.

For your scalp:

ARQUADE can be used for any scalp problems, such as dandruff or inflammation that prompts you to scratch your head. In this case, spray locally and massage to relieve the burning sensation. Applied after shampooing, the water relaxes and nourishes the skin and hair, even slowing hair loss.

For your body:

All parts of the body can be sprayed with ARQUADE against itching and for reconstructing any skin surface. The water calms inflammation and redness, whatever its origin, reducing irritations produced by external agents. Applied daily, ARQUADE protects, revitalizes and nourishes skin. Sprayed over the body, the water eliminates body odor produced by bacteria, and diminishes perspiration through its refreshing effect. ARQUADE relieves itchy insect bites. Often used following hair removal, ARQUADE is also widely appreciated for its nourishing and calming virtues, and provides a beneficial effect on veins, hemorrhoids, and muscle pain. ARQUADE is the best hygiene product for intimate parts.

For your legs and feet:

Massage your feet with ARQUADE to prevent heavy, swollen legs. The water exercises an anti-fatigue effect on the legs and inner thighs. ARQUADE also helps prevent foot odor, allowing you to feel fresh and clean all day long. With daily applications, in the morning and evening, the water stimulates and vivifies blood circulation.

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